Registration NOW Open!

Registration for the event will be done through Advanced Event Systems. Registration for the 2024 tournament will open through AES September 29th, 2023. Hotel Reservation will open through MCI September 29th, 2023.

Having trouble registering on AES?? Click HERE to watch a short video!

REMINDER: The Windy City National Qualifier is a Reserve & Serve tournament. For more information about hotel reservations and regulations check out the Reserve & Serve page.

2024 adidas® Windy City Registration

To be fair to all teams this is a 1st come, 1st served national qualifying event and until all three parts of the criteria are completed you will not be officially entered and accepted in this event. Closing date for the tournament will be March 1st, 2024/or until a division fills.  We will not be accepting ANY late registrations.

  1. Your team must be registered in AES
  2. Great Lakes Region has received your payment
  3. You have a hotel confirmation, through MCI, our housing company for each team entered (12 room night minimum per team necessary to meet Reserve & Serve criteria- example: 4 rooms each for 3 nights or 3 rooms each for 4 nights). There is an exception of this policy for local teams, within the 50 mile allowed radius.

You will receive an email confirmation when your team is accepted. If all of the criteria has been met but you have not received a confirmation email of acceptance from AES CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY at [email protected] or call (630) 986-9000.

We are looking forward to another fantastic tournament and hope that you and your team will be part of it.

Thank you,
WCNQ staff

Entry Fee by Division

11s-17s: $895.00 (Three-day Tournament)
Please make all checks payable to “Great Lakes Region Volleyball.”

All entry forms and entry fees should be sent to:
Great Lakes Region
745 McClintock Drive, Suite 314
Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Refund Policy

Prior to a team being accepted.
A full refund is issued

Drop out after being accepted and BEFORE the March 1st or your division fills, 2024 deadline.
$700.00 Refund of Entry

Drop out after being accepted and AFTER the March 1st, 2024 deadline, or until a division fills.
No Refund

All entry fees are nontransferable which means if you drop a team and insert another; the entry fee for the first team cannot be used for the second team. Each entry fee must include a roster for each team which can be filled in all online at Advanced Event Systems.

Pandemic Refund Policy
In the event the 2024 adidas Windy City National Qualifier is cancelled, refunds will be prorated to the club and will reflect incurred expenses.


All rosters for the Windy City National Qualifier must be submitted online in AES by Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 5:00pm CST. Teams must have full rosters listed on AES along with jersey #’s, and USAV #’s. Any individual on the bench during match play must be a valid rostered participant.

Acceptance Into Tournament

The adidasWindy City National Qualifier will accept teams who have met all entry requirements until space is filled, or the deadline date.
Entry requirements include: online registration in AES, payment received, and the Reserve and Serve housing requirement has been met.

Team Acceptance Criteria:

  • Postmark or electronic date of complete entry requirements
  • Strength
  • Number of teams per club per division, with a maximum of two teams per club, per division
  • Entries from the host state where the event is conducted

After the deadline date (March 1st, 2024) or until a Division Fills, teams may be accepted at the discretion of the Event Director.

If a division is filled to capacity by the time a team completes the entry process, teams denied entry into the Open Division will be offered the opportunity to move into a National, USA or American division, if space is available.  Teams denied entry in a National, USA, or American division the opportunity to move into an Open Division if space is available.

Under no circumstance is a team that is denied entry into any division guaranteed a berth in any other division.

Registration status will be maintained and updated in AES. Please consult AES before contacting Great Lakes about your team’s entry. Total number of teams is limited to 1120 but allocations of teams per division may change depending on the number of entries received for all ages and all divisions.

Below are the number of teams we can accommodate in each qualifier division and the number of bids available for that number of teams. The adidasWindy City National Qualifier reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to adjust the size of a division depending on the number of applications received after the deadline date. Adjustments COULD affect the number of bids available in a division. Depending on the sizes of the 12 National and 12 American divisions, the divisions may be combined but both a National bid and an American bid could still be offered. (See the Qualifier Manual for particulars.) USA Volleyball may award an additional bid to some USA divisions of some qualifiers.

Division Minimum # Teams Maximum # of Teams Expected Bids
17 Open 8 32 3
17 USA 8 40 3
17 Liberty 8 48 2
17 American 8 96 1
16 Open 8 32 3
16 USA 8 48 3
16 Liberty 8 48 2
16 American 8 112 1
15 Open 8 32 3
15 USA 8 44 3
15 Liberty 8 56 2
15 American 8 112 1
14 Open 8 24 3
14 USA 8 40 3
14 Liberty 8 40 2
14 American 8 80 1
13 Open 8 20 2
13 USA 8 24 2
13 Liberty 8 32 2
13 American 8 64 1
12 National 8 16 1
12 USA 8 16 2
12 American 8 40 1
11 National 8 16 1

Changing Divisions

After the registration deadline or until a Division fills, teams wanting to change divisions is at the discretion of the Event Director. Changes will only be made if space is available and helps the format of the divisions; we will do our best to accommodate you. In addition, it is possible that teams will not be allowed to move from one division to another, even when space is available, due to the inability to re-work the seeding of the affected divisions and secure approval from the seeding committee in a timely manner.

Future Dates for the adidas® Windy City National Qualifier

  • April 18-20, 2025

The Great Lakes Region reserves the right to refuse entry into any GLR sponsored event to any individual that may disrupt/distract/adversely affect the tournament and/or Great Lakes Region’s mission/goals/objectives or otherwise have the potential to adversely affect the reputation of the Great Lakes Region and/or USA Volleyball.

Contact Our Staff With Questions!